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"Wild" Fauna at the Birds Garden:

By walking through the paths, you will be able to discover numerous "wild" birds, for instance, one of the most important colonies of Herons in the region, which nest every year on their congeneric birdhouses.
4 different species go back here, every year, to raise their children: ash herons (Ardea cinerea), guard-beef (Bubulcus ibis), bihoreaux (Nycticorax nycticorax) and garzettes egrets (Egretta garzetta).

Between Easter and All Saints' Day, its possible to see the reproduction of some species in the Park.
Other numerous species are visible according the season: small passerines and russet squirrel.

Flora at the Birds Garden:

In 30 years, fields has become a 6 hectare greenery, which can shade all the animals of the Park.
it's a new « picture of the living being » that you will discover along the paths.

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