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The story of the zoo

The bird garden was created on 1976 with a private initiative by a lover of birds and nature

At the beginning, there were 4 hectares of waste land, today there are 6 hectares with a Mediterranean vegetation which overshadow the paths.

A peculiar care was given to the presentation of birds, while respecting the natural environment of every species for their well-being.

June, 1976 : opening of the garden to the public, after almost one year of work on an old farm and fields, in dryness.
1983 : the park is renowned "Cultural and touristic establishment" by the prefecture of Drome.

1988 : the parc is recognized as the most important private center of reproduction in France by the SNPZ (The national labor union of zoological park).

1991 : the Birds Garden spread on two hectares, its now a 6 hectares area. Besides, the tropical greenhouse opens to the public (the only one in France), after redevelopment of its installations.
Then, it's possible to see the most delicate species.
1992 : it's the "tiny-farm" and the "pony walk" creation. Children and grown ups can enter the farm and be closed to the animals.

Easter 1995 : forerunner among French Zoos, the garden includes 2 shows in its visit from april to september: a parrots show (exercises and thefts) and a rapacious show (thefts) without rising its prices.

january 1999 : the garden is devastated by a snowstorm which crushed 50 % of the vegetation and birdhouses. There were little losses of birds which are sheltered, but the parc had to close during 3 month to build everything again, supported by volunteers and solidarity.

summer 2003 : All the population of the Park (birds as weel as human beings) undergo the heat wave. No looses of birds thanks to the staff alertness.

June, 2005: a big change in the Birds garden: a new access with the road of Montoison, a new souvenir store at the entrance and a new restaurant opened to any customer even if you are not visiting the parc.

2006 : 30 years of the Garden!!!
2008 : creation of a playground for children.
2009 : creation of a 5 senses game, arrival of wolves-dogs and zebus.

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